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◆ Investment Manager

Location: Beijing


Assisting financing and strategy design according to our strategic goals.

Searching financial capitals and planning financial projects attentively according to our company development.

Estimating the possible financing risks from the perspective of finance and enact emergency measures to limit the company loss.

Supervising the conducting of investment projects and providing professional suggestions and consultations. After the completed tasks of investment and financing, the applicant should also be responsible for the latter work of supervision, analysis, estimation and management.

Establishing good relationships with institutions of finance and investment, and intermediary agents.

Continue to supervise and manage projects that are being invested.

Assisting withdrawal plans in investment.



Age of 25~35 with at least master degrees majored in finance, economics and accounting, etc.

A minimum of 3 years working experiences of finance consultant, or in investment banks, fund and securities companies, well-known international consulting firms or accounting firms whose tasks are mainly focus on auditing and financial consultations.

Be familiar with rules and methods of equity investment; knowing basically about the skills of investment and projects conducting; mastering well of the financial knowledge and skills.

CFA certificate is preferable.

Being successful in experiences of financing such as equities and debts are preferable.

Be familiar with pledge of stock rights, private placement bond financing, the technical process of privately offered fund and PPP are preferable.

Good written and oral expression and strong ability in coordination, negotiation, team work, organizing and learning.

◆Finance Department: Intern

Location: Jia No.29, Longtoujing Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.


Be responsible for various money collection in business and check the account status in time.

Assisting banks settlement and taxation.

Filling in and checking the payment voucher; recording cash and banks journals daily and regularly to make sure the accuracy.

Assisting the leader to check the receipts to make sure its legality and accuracy, and the job of documentation.

Be responsible for bills reimbursement and other work assigned by leaders.

Follow the rules of financial and business confidentiality strictly.

Major in accounting and finance, and keeping internship for at least six months are preferable.