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Business Management

All-dimensional logistics services including the management of personnel, finance, administration, IT and team building, etc.

Organizing various sorts of resources to help enterprise customers enjoying favorable conditions.

Providing medium services for them to advertise.

Coordinating higher education and training resources to promote business development in management circles.

Industrial Resources

Assisting our enterprise customers to have upstream and downstream resources and enlarging their suppliers and markets. Our role is constructing the business moat.

Organizing our customers to make exchanges regularly with other corporations to share opportunities and promote further cooperation.

Establishing talent pools and helping our customers to employ more core managers.

Financial Services

Estimating the business value of our enterprises customers and then recommend them to well-known private equities and listed leading companies. So our customers can have lasting capital and business support.

Coordinating our bank shareholder resources to support long-time credit and loans for customers or projects.

Guiding the communication of enterprises and local governments to complete application of various subsidies.

Capital Services

Organizing and coordinating relevant capital markets and exchanges to support enterprises restructuring, listing, applying for IPO, etc.

Contacting with professional consulting institutions to provide valuable management services for customers.