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Capital Development Investment Fund, co-built by Capital Development Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University Education Foundation and other institutions, is a professional alternative capital investment institution focusing on equity investment. It is a provider of financial investment that facilitates industrial integration and contributes to regional economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Our company owns two subsidiaries: Capital Development Investment -Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Shoujin Joint Capital Management Co., Ltd. The sponsor and shareholders of our company are Capital Development Investment Fund and Beijing Wealth Think Tank Investment Management Co., Ltd, the wholly-owned investment platform of Beijing Wealth Management Industry Association. Shoujin Joint Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company, which is previously an equity investment platform of Capital Financial Service Chamber of Commerce. It joined our company in June 2017.

Our company has established long-term close cooperative relations with more than 30 banks, including our shareholders such as CDB(China Development Bank), ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ABC(Agricultural Bank of China), BOC(Bank of China), CCB( China Construction Bank), CITIC(China CITIC Bank), CEB(China Everbright Bank), HXB(Hua Xia Bank), and BRCB (Beijing Rural Commercial Bank). We provide flexible and diversified financial solutions for central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, local governments, outstanding entrepreneurs and high-quality innovative projects to meet the varied needs for different investments and equity and debt financing.

Since its establishment in June 2015, supported by our shareholders and accompanied with industry leaders, our company has grown rapidly. We make investment in industries including high-end equipment manufacturing, cloud computing, smart hardware, real estate and infrastructure.


————   PURPOSE & ADVANTAGE   ————


Support from large banks as shareholders with all round financial support

Management team with global vision and rich investment research&management experience

Professional team with rich Chinese market experience and project execution experience and strong design capability of innovative product

Medium and long-term investment funds for PPP model, restructuring of enterprise and M&A

Strong resource integration capability and multiple financial tools providing adequate financial solutions


With the responsibility of “Gathering Capital Energy, Innovating Financial Mechanisms and Servicing National Strategies”, our company took the core strategy of “Combing Industry, Finance and Service” to demonstrate our professional advantages. Besides, we also attract the social capital to participate actively in the investment opportunities during the period of economic transformation and industry upgrading through the way of structural financing and equity investment, to serve the national strategy of “ Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.


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